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Just simple as love.

Just simple as love.

love is simple, I love; the beach
fashion, metal,
tattoos, piercings,music,
laughing like an idiot,
long walks, kittys
beautiful people, real people,
skaters, weed and of course
My boyfriend :)
Live free or die~


Hello sunflowers!!

I’m doing another giveaway because I really enjoyed doing the last one, I know it’s soon but I got to talk to so many of you and it was really nice! Plus I have too many things in my room and I don’t want to just throw them out!
You’ll get everything you see here plus a few hemp bracelets that I haven’t made yet!

-This is for my followers so please be following me! (lostincape-town)
-reblog as much as you want
-no giveaway blogs(not fair)
-likes don’t count

I’ll probably be choosing the winner sometime in March
I love you all and good luck ☽

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